Thanks to Shawn at The Daily Drunk for publishing my prose poem, “Ship of Foolishness“!

Thanks to Michael H. Duryea at Misery Tourism for publishing my flash fiction “Rewind.” A fun publication that asks you to create your own ink illustrations for your piece and your author pic.

Silver Birch Press beautifully contextualizes my poem, “An elegy for Singapore, Michigan.”

Reading “Carnival in Veterans’ Park, May 1961,” with the Wednesday Night Poets, 8.26.20.

Thanks to Gavin and Helen Broom for featuring me in “Poetry in the Bar“!

Thanks to Trouvaille Review for publishing my haiku, “Perspective”!

Poem “Each Morning So Far” read for Wednesday Night Poetry.

Thanks to Doc at for publishing my 100-word story, “Thanks.”

Thanks to Heroin Chic for publishing my poem “Why not.”

Thanks to Erin Hamlin for reviewing Flatman on The Daily Drunk!

Thanks to publishers Children, Churches & Daddies for including my poem “Please Get Up” in their anthology, One with the Mountain.

Thanks to Laura Black for publishing my story “God and carpeting” in Fictive Dream!

Thank you, Global Poemic, for publishing my poem “Planting” today! And thanks to talented 9th-grader Varada for her splendid illustration!

Thanks to Michael Broder for publishing this found poem on What Rough Beast!

Thanks to Eaton Rapids “Poetry in the Bar” series for including three of my readings along with featured poet Cruz Villereal!

Manuela the Tortoise – Poetry by Cheryl Caesar on Ponder Savant

Thanks to The Ballsians for featuring “An Elegy for Singapore, Michigan” on their YouTube channel!

Thanks to Annie Dubois and Kimberly Popionek for this fine story on the College of Arts and Letters website.

Thanks to Victoria Tong for publishing my poem “Handwriting,” along with a podcast of me reading it, in Minute Magazine!

Reading “Metaphors” for Wednesday Night Poetry, 7.15.20.

Thanks to Doc at (A Story in 100 Words) for publishing “Raking Leaves.”

Thanks to Tim at Fifty-Word Stories for publishing “Fate and folding laundry” today!

Finding Poetry – guest blog post by Cheryl Caesar for Trish Hopkinson

Thanks to Barbara Eaton at Highland Park Poetry for reviewing Flatman!

Singing “Sheltering Places” for the Wednesday Night Poets!

Sheltering Places

What Rough Beast, 30 June 20

Looking Out: Scenes from a Shutdown

Reading at Poetry in the Bar, Eaton Rapids

The Tilapial Tower

June 19, 2020, The Daily Drunk

My husband Jeff at summer solstice

Winedrunk Sidewalk, 20 June 2020

The Blue Nib reviews Flatman

11 June 2020

Reading of The Parasite at Wednesday Night Poets, 5.20.20.

Reading at virtual East Lansing Art Festival

Reading of shutdown poem “Fishing from a Truck,” 5.16.20

Author interview in Mark Literary Review

Looking out: Scenes from a shutdown

Reading for Wednesday Night Poets, 5.6.20

Flatman: Poems of Protest in the Trump Era now available on Amazon and Goodreads

“Flatman follows the outrages of the Trump administration from September 2018 through May 2019, from his first playground taunts of ABC reporter Cecilia Vega through his helpful suggestions to water-bomb an 800-year old cathedral. Trump didn’t just unleash a fatal virus on our country. Trump IS a fatal virus in our country. From “Flatman” to “The Parasite,” this book chronicles the reign of a villain in villanelles–and other poetic forms.”

Learn more here.

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