After participating in AAN-sponsored Learning Communities focused on discussion-based teaching and on critical reflection in teaching (2012-2015), I began co-facilitating, with research librarian Sharon Ladenson, an LC based on Stephen Brookfield’s “four lenses of critical reflection,” sharing our findings with a poster presentation during the Spring Institute. This semester, with Dr. Michael Ristich, I am co-facilitating a new LC, Adams 2.0, for graduates of the Adams Academy to continue their pedagogical inquiry. Adams Academy 2.0 Flyer

Each semester, I serve on the planning committee of the First-Year Writing Conference (Symposium), a freshman showcase where now over 400 students share multimedia “Remix” projects inspired by their own writings. The FYWS/C is another manifestation of asset-based, culturally-sustaining pedagogy: as indicated in our team’s upcoming publication: “the event [is] also much informed by a framing in translingual pedagogy that highlight[s] the students’ cultures and experiences as sites of inquiry and resources for learning” (Meier, Gannon, Caesar and Medei 2018).